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Cancellation Policy

 If you need to cancel your event any money paid minus the deposit will be refunded back to the person who booked the event within 14 days of cancelation.

if you need to change your event date you can do this for no charge and we will move your deposit over to the new date providing we have the availability to do so and more than 48 hours notice.

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The customer is responsible for safe keeping of all our belongings whilst in their possession. Any unreasonable damage will be payable by the customer.

In bad weather such as rain and wind under no circumstances will we be able to set up any props or balloons outdoors. This is for best interest for both ourselves and customer taking the safety aspect into account

Apart from balloons all of items including our florals within the balloons are HIRE ONLY. 

Final balances of bookings is always due one week before the event.

Luxury Bespoke Events accepts no responsibility for injuries or claims whilst hiring our props and balloons.

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Balloons T&Cs

All balloons are inflated with enough time to ensure there is no manufacturing faults.

Balloons are very delicate and once balloons are in your care we are no longer responsible for any damages and we will not refund or replace.

Do not leave balloons in car or garage overnight.

Balloons need to be kept at room temperature and away from sharp objects, corners, radiators and lights.

We use high quality balloons but they are certain things that are out of our control such as wind, rain and sun which may cause balloons to pop.

When ordering helium latex balloons please be aware that latex can only hold helium for around 8 hours. We use a solution in our balloons which does give extra hours on top of this but not always guaranteed.

To ensure maximum use from helium balloons please collect or have them delivered as close to your event start time as possible

Young children with balloons should be supervised by an adult at all times.

Luxury Bespoke Events cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury following the misuse of balloons.

Terms & Conditions: Terms & Conditions
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